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Cat Info & FAQs

Everything a cat owner needs to know

  • Worming my cat
  • Flea products
  • Flea check
  • Neutering
  • Dental disease
  • Vaccinating my kitten
  • Microchipping
  • Owning an indoor cat?
  • Is my cat overweight?

Worming my cat

Your cats should be wormed 2-4 times per year, depending on how often they go out or hunt – or if they have fleas, as these little pests carry an intermediate stage of tapeworms. We can worm your cat in the surgery with a single-dose tablet.

Flea products

We advise a spot-on prevention if your cat goes outside or if you are finding fleas. If you wish to prevent fleas breeding in the house, you can use an oral treatment, which can be given in one of the nurse or vet clinics. If you have a lot of fleas and flea eggs in the house, Indorex household spray is effective for up to 12 months. Cost is often an issue with these products – prescription medicines are always a bit more than over-the-counter ones, but they work and are therefore more cost-effective. Feel free to come in and talk to us about them.

Flea check

Does your cat have fleas? If you aren’t sure or you would like to be given advice on effective flea products, contact us. For prescription products, we are obliged by law to see your cat every 12 months.

Routine flea and worming is covered by the Pet Health Club. This is our most popular health plan as it offers exceptional value.


Neutering at around 6 months will prevent unwanted kittens and possible health and social problems in the future. If you are a member of the Pet Health Club, you'll receive 20% off the standard neutering cost.

See our Price List for more information.

Dental disease

We recommend: 

  • Logic Gel: A tasty gel that the cat licks from your finger. It contains gentle enzymes that will help break down tartar.
  • Finger Brushes: Very effective if you have an amenable cat.
  • Royal Canin Dental: Effective against more advanced dental diseases. However, in general, it is much more effective to book your cat in for a dental descale under anaesthetic. The teeth will be individually examined, cleaned and polished. The mouth will then be in good shape to use some of the aforementioned products above to prevent further decay.

We offer nurse clinics if you would like your cat's teeth checked.

Vaccinating my kitten

Vaccinations against Cat Flu and Enteritis are required, both for health reasons and for boarding in reputable catteries, and should be started at the age of 9 weeks, with a follow up at 12 weeks. Thereafter, annual boosters are required. In areas where there is a high density of cats, we would strongly recommend vaccination against Feline Leukaemia Virus, which is passed on by direct contact with an infected cat. Carrier cats can look completely healthy.

Vaccinations are included in Pet Health Club memberships. Alternatively, you can check our Price List


A large number of cats go missing every year. If they are found and brought to a vet, pet charity inspector or the council warden, they can be scanned and traced back to you in a matter of hours. The chip is implanted by injection and this can be done during a nurse or vet clinic. It causes very little or no discomfort on injection, and is inert, so should cause no problem at all afterwards.

Microchipping is included in a Pet Health Club membership. 

Owning an indoor cat?

Many cats in Southsea are indoor cats – we live in one of the most densely populated areas of the country, and this goes for the feline population too. "Flat cats" often remain healthier than outdoor cats as they get into fewer scrapes and pick up fewer diseases. However, if you choose to have an indoor cat, you will need to think about increased costs of litter and be prepared to spend more time playing with them so they remain well-exercised and do not get bored.

Is my cat overweight?

About 50% of cats are overweight! This is mainly due to lack of exercise and overeating. There are many serious health problems associated with obesity, such as heart problems, arthritis and even diabetes mellitus. If you can’t feel your cat’s ribs easily, it may be time to bring it to the surgery for a free weight check. Click here to book an appointment, or here to contact us.

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