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Our Price List

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Estimates will be provided for all surgical procedures and other services.

Please note that we endeavour to keep our online price list up to date, but prices are sometimes changed at short notice. You should always confirm the latest prices by contacting us.


  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Consultation (Initial) £33.50 £33.50
Consultation (Re-examination) £30.80 £30.80


  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Flu & Enteritis Vaccine* £56.80 Included
Leukaemia Vaccine* £53.56 Included
Flu, Enteritis & Leukaemia Vaccine* £71.06 Included
Flu & Enteritis Booster £38.63 Included
Leukaemia Booster £34.51 Included
Flu, Enteritis & Leukaemia Booster £41.20 Included

* Full courses. 

Flea & Worm Treatment

  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Flea Treatment* From £26.10 Included
Flea Check £10 Included
Worm Treatment* From £7.08 Included

*We offer a range of products to treat fleas and worms. For more details, visit us or give us a call



  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Cat Spay  £55* £55*
Cat Castration £40* £40*

*Offer Price. For more information, see our Offers page. 

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